• Verona Zip

    The Verona Zip is simple in structure and vibrant in color. This all-purpose bag is perfect for the urban chic running errands or meeting up with friends.

    H 25 x W 12 x L 44 cm

  • Slim Toggle Tote

    The Slim Toggle Tote features meticulously placed snaps that allow you to transform this bag in 3 ways. Use it as a flat bag, a boat bag or a sporty handbag – it is the ultimate partner for women on the go.

    H 27 x W 16 x L 36 cm

  • Verona Boat Bag

    The Verona Boat Bag is sleek on the outside and spacious on the inside. Its refined structure and classic leather design suit the women who radiate confidence and class.

    H 29 x W 17 x L 43 cm

  • Borsalina

    The Borsalina, a finely structured bag with a unique double-sided zipper design, is unassuming and effortless, a perfect match for such a woman.

    H 23 x W 15 x L 36 cm

  • Arm Hoover

    The Arm Hoover, with its intricate python-patterened leather, is a perfect day to night bag. Fall in love with it as you trade in your embellished flats for sky-high heels.

    H 23 x W 11 x L 32 cm

  • Pin Tuscan

    The Pin Tuscan exhibits one of the more classic structures. This timeless piece boasts of a decorative chain lock pin for added security as well as pizazz.

    H 24 x W 12 x L 36 cm

  • Minato Briefcase

    The Minato Briefcase, with its excellent functionality and distinctive design, is constructed to have a simple yet solid structure. Sized to carry one’s workday needs without the bulk.

    H 28 x W 8 x L 40 cm

  • Madison Sports Bag

    The Madison Sports Bag lends a sporty twist to the everyday handbag. Its spacious compartment even makes it a stylish alternative to the usual weekender bag.

    H 24 x W 16 x L 42 cm

  • Peddleton Boat Bag

    The Peddleton Boat Bag is a delightful addition to one’s bag collection. It is an excellent companion to any shopping trip with its sturdy construction formed to last and a chain lock pin detailing for a different dash of security.

    H 27 x W 20 x L 48 cm

  • Catalana Tote

    The Catalana Tote is a reversible soft tote that is easy on the eyes with its refreshing color combinations and youthful aura. Perfect for days when you want a quick change of outfit.

    H 35 x W 18 x L 43 cm

  • Davos

    The Davos is undoubtedly synonymous with FINO. This well-loved bag is a classic and timeless piece with a spacious interior to carry one’s everyday essentials. A definite must-have in any woman’s bag arsenal.

    H 22 x W 18 x L 29 cm

  • Classic Retro

    The Classic Retro gets its name from its lock mechanism, having a modern take on the classic FINO lock. This bag pushes the envelope further by introducing a play of design with its unique form, making it an enduring and utterly unforgettable bag.

    H 27 x W 13 x L 35 cm

  • Gym Bag

    The Gym Bag is the perfect partner for those who want to make a statement on the way to the gym or a trip out of town. Definitely urban chic.

    H 24 x W 24 x L 46 cm

  • Mini Body Zip

    The Mini Body Zip may be small in built, but holds ample space for everyday essentials. The look is effortlessly chic and charming. Suited for a day spent in the mall or an après-work date.

    H 8 x W 11 x L 26 cm

  • Belgravia Tall Tote

    The Belgravia Tall Tote is fortified with a solid structure and a sturdy zipper closure, which suits today’s busy woman. Its luxurious versatile silhouette is apt to strut in the metro or the boardroom.

    H 34 x W 11 x L 38 cm

  • Britannica

    The Britannica, a smart and polished bag, is meticulously handcrafted to produce its distinctive bulged side and clean lines. Its large compartment helps you to keep your basics beautifully organized, while its sophisticated shape is perfect for your eight-to-five ensemble.

    H 27 x W 12 x L 31 cm

  • Work Satchel

    The Work Satchel is a stunning accomplice to the busy woman. The antique finish to this mid-size handbag will undeniably make heads turn as you strut down the financial district.

    H 27 x W 14 x L 37 cm

  • Cosmo Messenger

    The Cosmo Messenger is an easy sling bag with a simple and straightforward design – just like the men that carry it. Richly textured in leather, it can easily accommodate workday paraphernalia and double as a travel bag.

    H 26 x W 12 x L 37 cm

  • Downtown Tote

    The Downtown Tote breaks the mold, as it is not your typical. Taller and sleeker than most, it can hold all the essentials without the bulk. The trendy man need not look further for its Monday to Friday workmate.

    H 39 x W 10 x L 35 cm

  • Downtown Briefcase

    The Downtown Briefcase is snazzy, while at the same time pragmatic. Outfitted with front and back pockets and a roomy interior compartment, it can hold a busy gent’s workday essentials.

    H 34 x W 10 x L 41 cm